I’m no super-mom

I have to admit, reading Proverbs 31 is really intimidating to me. That woman had it together! She made clothes and farmed land and made her husband and children proud. Am I doing that?

Yes of course we live in a different world today, but am I doing comparable things? Do I put my hand to the spindle and keep my lamp on at night? Do I do enough for my family? I guess only they can answer that.

I don’t know how to make our clothes and grow our food, but I sure do know how to go to the grocery store and the mall. I don’t have maidservants. Oh, how I wish I did. But I do have an every-other-week housekeeper who I pay well and thank God for. I do have a great job so I contribute some to the family income.

I do make sure my family’s clean and fed, most of the time at least. Jaxon once told me I was the best cook in the entire world. Little did he know, I had simply followed this recipe: (Click here if you’re brave and willing to run 20 miles of heartfelt repentance.) Suffice to say, that evening I hit a home-run, but the occasional culinary failure necessitates having pizza delivery on speed dial.

But do they rise up and call me blessed? I want them to.

Whether you’re a stay-home-mom, a full-time working mom who brings home the bacon, or somewhere in the middle like me, you are needed, you are valuable, and you are a blessing.

I know I’m not the best wife and Mom in the entire world, but I believe I can be to my family. And that’s what counts. I want to be exactly what they need. None of us is perfect, I don’t believe such a thing exists, but I am taking this day to challenge myself to do more, to love harder, and to be prefect for them.

I challenge you to do the same.