Let’s be Christians

My blog about heaven, or rather my fascination with it, seems to have struck a chord. (Heavenly daze) We are all secret heaven junkies! Who knew?

That is really one of my favorite things about this blog. When I write something that resonates with me, and I hear people tell me they thought they were the only ones who felt like that, it just makes my day. I love learning that I’m not alone in my quirks and idiosyncrasies. It makes me feel less alone in my weirdness.

I think that’s what the devil absolutely loves to do. He makes Christians feel alone. He divides and conquers. We think we’re the only one that has this issue or that problem, and there’s a whole crop of people out there who are struggling with the very same thing and yet feeling totally isolated. We walk around carrying pain and frustration and instead of reaching out for help, we cower in dark corners and try to win the battle alone. That should not be so.

I say we beat the devil at his own game and be more open with each other about our weaknesses. I’m not saying let’s all air our dirty laundry for the world to see, but let’s be willing to say, “Hey, I have a problem in that area and I need some Godly advice.” None of us have it together across the board, of this I am quite sure. But we can offer each other help in specific areas that we have conquered or just happen to be very strong in.

As iron sharpens iron, let’s help each other, let’s love each other and forgive each other, let’s bear one another’s burdens instead of judging each other’s burdens. Let’s be Christians.

Hey, what a novel idea!

So I’m going to keep sharing my thoughts and ideas, my hopes and my screw-ups. I’m going to continue to fight the good fight of faith, knowing that it is a battle and in every battle, there are set-backs. I’m going to quickly repent when I mess up and I’m going to trust in God’s everlasting forgiveness.

Thank you for walking this road with me and for helping me realize I’m not the only goof-ball out there.


2 Replies to “Let’s be Christians”

  1. Hi Juli,
    You are definitely not the only “goof-ball” out here. There’s a bunch of us! We are always going to struggle and fall short in some area and I believe God uses other people to help, guide, encourage or just give a hug when it’s needed. He can’t use you if you aren’t willing.
    I must have needed to read this post todaybecause I just happened to find you on twitter by doing a search of the word “Christian” – and there was your tweet. Isn’t it amazing the way God works? I’m Loving your blog.


  2. You’re no goofball. I struggle, too. I’m always concerned that those who do not understand, those who do not yet believe may look at me and rather than see a real human being who has faith and yet struggles, sees instead a hypocrit. I have no idea how to balance that, how to not make Jesus look bad. But I feel too strongly about being myself, and being open & honest about life.


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