Reach out and grab it

There’s a glitch in my world today. A hitch in my get-along. A fly in my ointment.

I’ve had something stuck in my eye for a day and a half, and I can’t see well enough to find it and remove it. My beloved puppy dog got into the trash while we were sleeping.

Do you ever have a weird morning, for no good reason? You can’t say there’s anything wrong, but something is definitely out of whack? My morning was out of whack.

I had deja-vu twice, my matrix must have caught a virus.

But I’m going to fix it. First stop, Starbucks. Second stop, pedicure. Third stop, grocery store, and final stop, back home so Lynn will grill us up some dinner while I sit on the deck, sip some iced tea and admire my toes.

Impressive happiness is fast approaching. Reach out and grab yours!