Sometimes we just need to listen

So I taped a little TV today for Oral Roberts Ministries. Yeah, that’s something I really didn’t think I’d ever say. But it was actually pretty fun. It was a “Man on the Street” type of thing where I stopped people in downtown Tulsa and asked them questions about God and the devil and Heaven and Hell and all that jazz. The answers I got were fascinating; people are twisted, man!

I have to admit I was really nervous about the whole thing, but not because I was afraid to approach people. Face to face soul-winning on the streets of Montego Bay, Jamaica cured me of that fear, thank you Terry Mize. I even had a strange urge to approach the ones that looked like tough cases, but alas, that was not my job today. I was only supposed to interview the ones that my producer brought to me. And he did a wonderful job selecting people. We got a good cross-section of opinion from Bible-believing Christians across the board to atheists. There was this one guy who expounded on what he thought the Rapture was all about. He got a little bit X-rated, I chuckled a lot and thanked my lucky stars we were only taping and not live.

It was kind of difficult enticing people to stop and talk to us during their busy day, but when we did get someone, I was surprised at how my questions instantly mellowed them, and they opened up and shared their thoughts about these weighty issues. A few were defensive, daring me to disagree with them, but I was not there to debate. I just wanted to hear their hearts.

People don’t know what’s going to happen to them after they die. They don’t know if Jesus is really coming back for His Church. They hope He is, they hope they’re part of that great Catching Away, but they’re not sure. The whole experience made me sad that people are not more confident of their salvation, confident of eternity. I’m so confident in it myself, it made my heart ache for those that wonder what’s going to happen.

And people are hurting, hurting bad. We all know this, this is not news, but you can see it in their eyes, you can hear it in their voices. And they were genuinely open to talking to me because I did nothing but listen, I listened and smiled and then thanked them and sent them on their way.

We don’t always have to engage everyone we meet in a battle of words, a battle of theology, a battle of brainpower. Sometimes people just need you to shake their hand, look them straight in the face and smile and listen.

I hope that in some small way, the people I met today felt the love of Jesus flow through me. I hope they walked away and thought, “I know that girl works for a Christian ministry, but she just smiled and listened and it seemed like she actually cared what I thought. Hmm, that was refreshing.”