A lot can happen in a decade

A lot can happen in a decade. Ten years ago, I hardly knew myself. I was 29, a new mother, I suppose I was also still a relatively new wife, having been married only five years. I lived in a town that was not my home, after moving through several other towns that were not my home.

I had gotten up that morning of June 25, 2001 and gone to my regular doctor’s appointment. I was two days past my due date. They gave me an ultrasound and estimated Jaxon’s weight at ten pounds. After I fell off the table, I calmly said, “How about we get some pitocin on board and get this show on the road before Tom Turkey here gets any bigger?” My doctor agreed and admitted me to the hospital. Jaxon was born at 10 PM after much pushing and some pulling too. He weighed just under nine and a half pounds.

When they roused me from my demerol induced coma, I was astounded to look into those deep blue eyes and feel the grip of those tiny fingers. My awe and adoration only slightly diminished when he latched on and began nursing. Yikes!

But seriously, my world changed that day, and so much for the better. What a gift my child is. What a treasure, what an awesome responsibility. I thank God for bringing him into my life and giving me the honor of being his mother.

Happy Birthday to my son, Jaxon Walker Mize. Welcome to the double digits, buddy!


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