But then they remembered

They were in a boat out on the water when a sudden storm blew in. The waves were high and the wind got loud. They couldn’t just fire up the engine and power out of there. They couldn’t radio for the Coast Guard to come bail them out. They were looking at drowning in their little boat and they were afraid.

But then they remembered.

They remembered that Jesus was sleeping in the boat and they woke Him and He calmed the storm.

How many times are we going through a storm and fear rises and panic comes and we forget which end is up and we are running around trying to put out fires and stomp on spiders and we don’t remember that Jesus is there? Why is it so easy for us to go to panic mode before we remember Him? Why is our first response fear?

They say when a trauma comes, we either fight or flight. Well, you know what? I don’t want to do either. I want my first response to be peace. I want my first reaction to be to lay it at Jesus’ feet. I want my circuitry to be rewired back to the way it was supposed to be before sin messed at all up.

That doesn’t mean don’t use the brain God put in my head. But focus that brain toward the One who created it and not the nature of the world it was physically born into. You see, I get to choose which way I go. I can align myself to the world’s way of dealing with storms, or God’s way. God’s way to overcome is by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony (Revelation 12:11). If I take what Jesus did for me on the cross and marry it with an unshakeable knowledge of God’s promises to me, then I can’t fail.

But I have to remember.

I have to remember Him when the storms come. I have to remember Him when answers are hard to find. I have to remember Him when the path is dark and the way is rocky.

I want to always remember.