Too hot to blog?

I know that’s ridiculous, I mean what better time to sit in the cool house and write but it’s like the heat has sucked all the creativity right out of my brain. I’m left with a thoughtless head which can’t decide if it wants iced tea or diet Dr. Pepper. Those are the biggest challenges I can manage to tackle. Forget the laundry. It has won the war. I retreated with the white flag and just closed the laundry room door. I’ll face that when it rains and my upstairs temperature drops below 80 degrees. It’s a good thing the British Open is on TV because I have a reason to get up at 5 and clean house before it heats up.

I walked around TJ Maxx yesterday because it was cool in there. I purchased a pair of flip-flops to remind myself to get a pedicure. The lady at the jewelry counter knows me. Not that I buy a lot, but I sure do look a lot. Purses, jewelry, and sunglasses, my favorite section of the store; closely followed by housewares, my next favorite section. No matter how many times I peruse the kitchen gadgets, I never fail to find something revolutionary and I think to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, I wrote two paragraphs in the hope of something meaningful coming to my brain, but to no avail. I guess this is the best it’s gonna get today. A blog about absolutely nothing. The Seinfeld of blogs.

Thanks for sticking with me, my friends. To quote myself from 1982, “Stay cool!”