What do you do in the meantime?

What do you do when you’re waiting on God? How do you fill the time when you’re seeking direction? What do you do in the meantime? The Word of God tells us to occupy until He comes (Luke 19:13), the Word of God tells us to set our hands to the plow and not look back (Luke 9:62), the Word of God tells us to work, be prosperous, multiply, do something!

I have this adorable little rocking chair sitting in the corner of my living room. It is just the right size for a two-year-old. I know this because my precious god-daughter fits perfectly in it. She gets her little sippy cup of milk and runs over to it, sits herself down and rocks. She’s occupying until Mama comes. She rocks in that chair until her Mama says it’s time to go home, or it’s time to eat dinner, or it’s time to go night-night. But in the meantime, she rocks in that chair. She does what she can, she uses that gift. She rocks in the chair, she puts it to use. She doesn’t have all the answers, she doesn’t know exactly what’s coming next, but she rocks in that chair until direction comes.

And when she comes back to my house again, she’ll go straight to that chair and have a little rock.

What is it in your life that you can do? What is it that you are gifted with? What are you especially good at?

Do it.

Do it until you hear further instruction. Do it until you get your answer. Do it and do it well. You never know who is benefitting from your gift.

No gift is more valuable than another. Don’t let the devil lie to you and tell you that you can’t do anything special. You know what? He’s a liar, he’s good at it. He’s done it for eons of time.

But don’t let him stop you.

Are you seeking God in an area of your life? Are you asking Him for direction? I encourage you to occupy until He comes. Do something in the meantime. Use what God has given you until further direction arrives. And while it may come much later than we would like, further instruction will come. God is faithful. Always.