Live in the rainbow

I love the smell of the earth after a good cleansing rain. I love to see steam curl up from the hot pavement as the cool drops meet their mark. I love that wonderful vibrancy in the green of the grass as its thirst is quenched. I wish I could live in that vibrancy; but it eventually wanes and the sun heats up again and the cycle repeats. Heat and cold, sun and rain, wind and calm… they all come and go.

Such is this life. Things happen and things change and people hurt and then they get better. And those that consistently and faithfully seek the face of God during those hard times will be saved. They that call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved (Acts 2:21). I know this to be true. I’ve been saved… saved from harm, healed from hurt, strengthened in crisis, comforted in pain. God has never left me.

In times of ignorance or anger, I have closed my eyes and ears to Him, but He has never turned His back on me. And I know He never will. He does not change (Numbers 23:19).

The rainbow comes after the rain, a display of beauty that cannot be simulated. It is only something God could have come up with. And He did it to signify His promise to us; His promise that He will be faithful to us. Every time we see one, we are reminded of that promise. And even though we don’t get to live in the rainbow every day, God’s faithfulness is still there. It just takes the right kind of light for us to see it.