Bugs in a jar

Jaxon is collecting bugs for science class. Why is it that the outdoors smells fresh and clean and wonderful even though it’s full of bugs, but when  you put a bug in a jar, it really stinks? These are things I ponder.

So far we have a grasshopper and a large green beetle. Had I known of this impending project, I would have kept a few of the myriad of moths and June bugs I have swept off my front porch. Had I known of this impending project, I would have held the exterminator off for a week or two because the creepies come out at my house between sprays. If I don’t have the bug guy on a regular schedule, my corners become hide-outs for spiders. And then the spiders get braver and walk right across the floor. And the braver the spiders get, the more chicken I get.

Bugs are good, bugs are pretty. Bugs overtaking your house is nasty. The bug man has a purpose. The bug man is valuable. I love the bug man. (Although he smells a little funny.)

I realize there is not a sermon in here, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you anyway.

Have a nice, bug-free day.