Squeeze the juice out of it

We’ve had a brutally hot summer here in Tulsa; one of the hottest I can remember. But this morning when I got up, it was 68 degrees. I stood on the deck in amazement, I had forgotten what cool morning air felt like. But God reminded me.

The hot sun of life beats down on us from time to time, but the cool morning will come. The Bible assures me that there will always be summer and winter, cold and heat (Genesis 8:22). God set the seasons and they will not pass away. And that’s what life is about, seasons… walking through them, embracing them, and knowing that they won’t last forever.

I kissed my 10-year-old goodbye as he left with his Dad for school this morning. He was wearing his friday spirit shirt and jeans. He was a happy camper. Remember when spirit day was just that fun? I do. But soon he will be in another season and I will have to embrace it or I will miss it.

Embrace the season of life that you’re in, learn from it, squeeze the juice out of it, spit out the seeds, but keep the nutritional value. Don’t let an opportunity to grow pass you by. God will use all these things to shape and perfect us… if we’ll let Him.


2 Replies to “Squeeze the juice out of it”

  1. Wow, fair lady. That was so deep and so profound and spoke right to the core of me as I wallow in my mourning for Steph. And I remember our conversations at the time she went home and you have lifted and remewed my faith. Thank you and remember always that I love you


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