Jaxon and Quincy Jones

Jaxon had his first experience in a recording studio tonight. We have a budding rock star on our hands. Some dear family friends asked if I would be willing to let him sing on a kids worship album that they were recording. Apparently, they were short on boy voices. Jaxon certainly has a big voice to contribute… not to mention super inappropriate ten-year-old humor that kept the kids giggling. It was a fun experience. He’s going to record a few more tracks later in the week. I’ll keep you posted if Quincy Jones calls.

It was nostalgic for me because I used to do that same thing when I was about his age, growing up in Nashville. If I remember correctly, I think I made some pretty good lip gloss and skating rink money in some of those sessions. (Thank you very much, Carol Tornquist!)

The first children’s musical I remember recording was called “Agapaopolis,” and believe it or not, it is still floating out there on Amazon and Ebay… what a trip. I still remember some of those songs. It’s amazing what has stayed lodged in my brain for nearly thirty years. It’s also amazing that I forget whether or not I fed the dog.

Sweet memories are a gift from God. May you all encounter a sweet memory as you read this post; a memory that makes you smile or laugh, or look at your child and think, “Oh my Lord, it’s me!”