A twisted mass of bird-nested fishing line

My blog is a year old. It was a year ago tonight that I decided to do something with this twisted mass of bird-nested fishing line that is my brain. I guess I thought getting some of it out might be a good thing. And I think it has been. I have helped myself, and I hope I have helped a few others.

I love to go back and read how this all started. (Where do you live?) It blesses me to read my nervous words and remember that hopefulness… hopefulness that I could stick with it, hopefulness that it would make a difference. And then my second post was even more profound. (Self doubt) It was the clarification of why I did it, what I was trying to do. It is a concept that I’ve been working on all year. I’ve been walking through life with the express purpose of trying to see God’s greater plan for my life. Not just making it through another year, but seeking God and fulfilling His vision for me. And I haven’t gotten it all right, but I do see where I’ve made progress.

Here are a few things I’ve learned:

Everybody has something to give; give what you can. Do something. Give God something to bless.

You have to take a step of faith to expect God to make the next move. He will if you will.

You have to have faith… every day… without quitting. The manna is new every day and we can’t store it up. I said in one of my first posts, “… So this is me picking up the manna and expecting that there will be more tomorrow.” I love that line. You can’t get new manna until you pick up what’s already on the ground. You have to use what God gave you before He’ll give you more.

Walking with God is a walk of faith; it’s a walk of trust. And the more I take my hands off a situation and trust my Father God to take care of it, the easier it becomes.

Thankfulness is an awesome force. It will take you farther than anything.

I’m so thankful to you, my readers. I have loved hearing from you that something I said hit home or struck a chord, or made you smile. Your comments always make my day.

And maybe the biggest thing I’ve learned, and this sounds so trite, but it really has been a revelation to me: We are not alone. Our struggles are truly universal, we don’t have to walk through challenges in the dark, someone has already been there. Someone can stand beside us and say, “I’ve been through this; you will make it.” I think that’s what this blog has been all about… making our world a little smaller, a little less lonely, a little more united.

You guys are a blessing to me!