It’s a hard-knock life

I took dance lessons from Miss Ann when I was a little girl. Oh, how I loved the little skirt I got to wear over my pink tights and black leotard. We had a recital one year and the tap dance performance was set to It’s a Hard-Knock Life from the musical, Annie. I was so bummed because I didn’t get to wear anything pretty. I have to admit, I still am a little bummed. It was an early lesson in “Life’s Not Fair.” Thirty years later, I’m still getting knocked around a little… we all are. It’s called life.

Life is hard, times are tough, and people are going through really difficult things, but we are not in it alone. Jesus Christ was touched with our infirmities (Hebrews 4:15). He felt our pain, our temptations, our addictions, our griefs. He knows our frailty, our humanity. He’s been there.

It comforts me to know that God is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in mercy (Psalm 103:8). I sure need it. He is looking for opportunities to show me His mercy and loving kindness. And when I push His hand away, He tries again. He is not willing to let me go. He’s not willing to let you go either.

Life is hard for all of us, but God’s faithfulness is constant. His love is complete and pure. And He is patient. Don’t give up.


7 Replies to “It’s a hard-knock life”

  1. Great post. I literally just got done writing about Christ’s perfect love for us and how it drives out fear. Fear of failing. Fear of loving. When we fall down we have perfect arms to pull us up.


  2. I was just thinking Juli…It is a gift how you write from your experiences and tie it all in with a short sermon. You could put all these blogs in a little book to publish and sell…. It could be a daily devotional. And you could be paid …… and able to ministered to more people. Just a thought.


    1. Cindy, I’d love to do that and I’m totally ready, I’m just waiting for God to work out the details! Thank you so much for being my faithful reader and friend from the very beginning! You are a blessing!


  3. Great post…I’m reminded of Scott Peck’s, Road Less Traveled’s first sentence. “Life is difficult.” He goes on to say and I’m paraphrasing now, “Most people don’t accept that life is difficult. But if you do accept that life is difficult, then in the acceptance you gain the power to overcome the fact that life is difficult.” I think that this goes along with your comments. I think…but then again, it may not, would love to hear what you have to think. Blessings,


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