Moms and candy

Does your child do this? Jaxon organized his Halloween loot by brand… he totally cracked me up, although it didn’t surprise me in the least. He’s always been a little engineer. He used to line up his matchbox cars the same way. It sure makes it easier for me to figure out what I want to pilfer.

Can you believe those full-size candy bars? Yeah, that was because we were invited to trick-or-treat in the “Who’s Your Daddy” neighborhood. It was lovely.

I had a lovely time too sitting by the fire pit with some other Moms from Jaxon’s class. A new friend told me something that evening that has stuck with me all week. Although these women were from different backgrounds and economic stations, they all had the same basic goals and were reaching for the same things: supporting each other, maintaining stable marriages, and striving to raise good boys. It struck me profoundly. (Thank you, Hollie!) I immediately thought, “Sign me up! I want to be part of that!”

It was nice to get to know this group of women, they were all about my age, all Moms of boys, some had girls too, some didn’t, all had been married a decade or more. It was interesting comparing notes on life, husbands, children, and God. I left that evening feeling rejuvenated simply by soaking up that camaraderie.

I appreciated these women, I appreciated that they had hung in there with their families through difficult times, I appreciated that they were devoted to their children. I appreciated that they loved God and were able to share His love with me. I’ve blogged before about how important we are to each other and how we can’t be an island. This experience just made me believe that more. We need each other. And we need Halloween candy too. At least I do.


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