Can you say overkill?

Like pillows much? Where is anyone supposed to sit? I’m so confused. Is this your life? Do you have more accoutrements than you have basics? Do you have 400 pairs of shoes but only 2 feet? I do. It’s a problem. Another problem… I love scarves and have at least 30 of them, but I’m pretty sure I only have one neck. Do you think I might be majoring on the minors? Surely, you never do that. You have your priorities straight, right? All your ducks are in a neat row?

Mine are not. I have ducks in my doghouse and dogs in my pond. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get it together.

I am so envious of those Moms who actually know what their laundry room floor looks like. I haven’t seen mine since July of 2006: the summer we moved into this house. But you know what? I’ve got other stuff in good order. My husband took us for an early bird dinner tonight. It was quite pleasant. The servers were all early-shift friendly and the food was fresh and hot. So it’s only 5:45 and I have dinner and dishes checked off the list. Wahoo!

Now if I can get homework wrapped up and clean clothes ready for tomorrow, I might be able to find myself in bed early tonight. Watch out!