A non-traditional tradition

So Jaxon had to write an essay about his family’s Christmas traditions, and he actually wrote that not having any Christmas traditions was his Christmas tradition.

I pondered this fretfully, feeling a little like the worst Mom in the world.

It’s true we do not light up the house like the Griswold’s. We do not spend hours baking fancy cookies; I don’t have the patience. We do not go caroling. Who needs the 40-mph north wind? But we do have our own squirrely traditions… lots of them, or at least I do. How did I manage to have a rich and full Holiday Season every year, and my baby boy not notice? Where did I go wrong?

Every year I do the following:

I design about 4 online Christmas cards before I make a decision on one.

I must have a pine-tree-scented candle burning from the day I put up my tree. It’s the only way I can deal with a fake.

I lock myself in the guest room and wrap all of Jaxon’s presents. He tries to peek under the door.

I put a little pan of orange peels and spices to simmer on the stove; it makes Lynn sneeze occasionally.

I have big plans of making lovely bows for all my gifts, but end up using stick-ons. No one ever cares.

I make orange cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning right after we open gifts.

I contribute my favorite seven-layer-salad and a relish tray to my in-laws’ Christmas dinner.

I get really excited for my boys to leave on their day-after-Christmas hunting trip, leaving me home alone to relish the quiet, but miss them fiercely after about 2 days.

And that is exactly what we concluded when we finished that essay. Jaxon’s favorite Christmas tradition is the South Texas hunting extravaganza. His Papa and his cousins and guns and knives and cacti? It’s a little boy’s fantasy! And that boy having the time of his life brings a big smile to my soul.

I hope you find what brings that smile to your soul this week. I will be the one sniffing the candles and orange peels and being truly grateful for my precious family and my Father God; the one who must be smiling in His soul when He sees His own precious family celebrating Him.


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