The calm after the storm, the peace after the melee, the shot of tequila after the tornado… yes, that is what I am experiencing. Utter bliss. Hair colored this morning, making a big pot of pasta for good friends, the dog looking at me adoringly, the stove humming with foodie anticipation. And I’m snacking on Ritz crackers. They’re still hip, right?

My boys have descended on their beloved South Texas, and I am happily occupying South Tulsa.

Since the hospital bills are now arriving from Jaxon’s thorn in the flesh, I sincerely hope he avoids another cactus fight. And you can bet I will scour his little body while wearing my granny glasses when he gets home.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I’m sorry I have been so lacking in blog entries. I have thought about you daily, but sadly, didn’t have anything enlightening to say.

So let me say this, I wish you the most blessed New Year. I wish you the happiest year of your life. I wish you joy that you have never experienced. I wish you the peace that only comes when you know the love of our Father God, and the fulfillment that comes when you are safely tucked under His wings.


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