A beefy New Year

Forget black-eyed peas, what I really want today is beef with broccoli. I honestly believe that beef with broccoli is the perfect food. Protein and vegetables. Skip the rice, skip the fortune cookies, just meat and vegetables. Perfection.

We have a little Chinese restaurant not far from us called Happy House, and it really does make me happy. I’m starting a letter campaign to convince them to deliver. Come on now, can you imagine how much more money they would make if they delivered? Living in New York City as a teenager really screwed me up. Chinese food can be delivered to your apartment any time, 24/7. And they’ll deliver it absolutely anywhere in the city, and speedily. We once ordered Chinese food for a homeless guy, figured he could use a good meal. And the dude was very grateful. Although I don’t think moo shu pork was the best choice for him, kind of complicated to eat. And that brings me back to beef with broccoli, it’s just dang good.

Using lean beef and very little oil, it can be on your New Year’s diet too; at least that is what I’m going to tell myself.

Happy New Year, my friends. Thanks for hanging in here with me in 2011, and I wish you all a fantastically blessed and prosperous 2012!


2 Replies to “A beefy New Year”

  1. Your blog entries never cease to amuse me…and you often amaze me too. For me, but not today, chicken and broccoli–with plenty of garlic. Yes! No beef for me. Unlike you, I grew up on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado. I had every kind of meat you could imagine…and some you maybe couldn’t imagine. For example: rabbit. Better than chicken! Does NOT even taste like chicken. Tastes like rabbit. (We raised rabbits, and all kinds of animals, and birds.) I didn’t have Chinese food until Nursing School, in Denver, circa 1969 (also lots of Taco Bell, Red Barn, pretty good hospital cafeteria food–loved their scrambled eggs and french toast–they used real eggs, the Yum-Yum Tree, and the Satire–gourmet Mexican food). I’ve become a quasi-vegetarian. I love veggies! Also tofu, tempeh, tahini, tamari, and fresh fish & seafood. Something I tried only once while in Tulsa–salmon. Sorry this is so long! I like to talk, and I like to write. This year I’m going to complete writing my book. A real one…non-fiction.


  2. Ok…all this talk about food you guys are making me hungry! With all kidding aside…Juli it has been a blessing reading your blogs. Very encouraging and I feel I’m keeping up with what God has been doing in your life and with your family as well ! It is awesome how you put God in everyday life. That kind of life we all go through and don’t always remember God is with us. Thanks for the reminder! Wishing you and your famaily a Happy, funfilled and Blessed New Year 2012. NEW BEGINNINGS……


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