Smile and move forward

The jeans are unyielding, their smidgen of lycra stretched to capacity. A little fruitcake here, a little chicken divan there, and poof! I’m growing an extra chin.

I declare war!

My husband bought me some great new tennis shoes that make me feel like a fashionista as I circle the neighborhood. I have an iPhone now so that little miracle of technology can track my mileage, count each step, calculate my calories burned, and probably jump down, turn around, and pick a bale of cotton, too.

I will prevail!

I have no excuses!

No new taxes!

Oh wait, I’m not running for office.

But I am running for my life. I need to be well and fit for my family, I need to be healthy and strong to do what God has for me to do this year, whatever that might be. And I really need the endorphins. Nobody told me about how it feels to be 39 (for a few more weeks!) The body starts creaking a little, and I’m feeling the overwhelming urge to eat dinner at 4 and go to bed at 8. Nobody told me about the involuntary moving of the page away from my face as far as my arms will reach in order to read it. That one I find particularly humiliating.

Nobody told me a lot of things, but you know what? So what? I’m over it. I’m just gonna smile and move forward! I encourage you to do the same!


4 Replies to “Smile and move forward”

  1. ok….I’m inspired! But I need to know about your iPhone apps that count your mileage and track your steps! I would love to know about any such apps, if you know of any specific ones — I have a great one for food/calorie/nutrition tracking but nothing for walking, etc……on my way to Whole Foods to buy some good veggies!!


  2. LOL! It pays rich dividends to have Godly OLDER friends. I am prob old enuff to be ur mom, so here are some things 4 U 2 ponder. And so U won’t be able to say (in 10 years) “nobody told me…” Keep in mind, I’m also a nurse. A.) You’ll need to schedule a colonoscopy for your 50th birthday–or for a few days later. Since I was (and still am) a quasi-vegetarian, I only had to drink 1/2 of the gallon of poop-a-lot prep. The more meat U eat, the more icky ur colon may appear on the TV monitor…and the more polyps there may be to remove. (Eat more veggies.) I chose to skip the sedative meds so that I could watch the show, and remember it. My colon interior was pink and pretty curvy! B.) AARP will offer U a free membership on ur 50th birthday–prob to off-set the cost of ur colonoscopy 🙂 Their magazine has improved to the point that I now read some of it. C.) Menopause rocks! I’m still reveling in post-menopausal zest. At age 51-ish, my brain caught fire. You can skip the hot flashes, and instead be wiser and more creative. D.) Exercise and nutrition are your life-long friends. What U eat matters, and U become like ur friends. Choose both wisely. Eat to live, and move to give. My mother turned 88 today. My birthday is in 5 days. I’m an adult child now…and I’m not looking nor acting my age–nearly 61. Time for another colonoscopy. LOL!


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