Please receive the following e-hug

People have asked me why on earth I started a blog. I tell them, it’s not to blow my horn, but to show people that my horn sometimes blows.

We’re in this thing together, you know? We are all we’ve got! By writing about things on my heart and posting it out there for the world to find, I hope I can bring a few more souls into my little circle and make them feel like they’re not alone in their follies and foibles.

God said it is not good for man to be alone. Well, I’m in agreement. And when I see that a hundred people have read my words, my heart swells knowing that you are here with me.

Not everyone can relate to all my musings, but I hope all of you who stop by can relate to something I say, and receive the digital hug I’m sending out.

God bless you all; thanks for reading. Have a great week!


3 Replies to “Please receive the following e-hug”

  1. Juli, we were roommates at Carnegie Mellon for a few short months, many many moons ago 🙂 I was talking about roommates with a co-worker last night and I think that’s what led me to Google today. I have often wondered how you were doing, and like magic, here’s your blog to fill me in – perhaps that digital hug went out even further than you realized!


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