For the love of God

Nothing thrills me more than to write a misleading title that draws people into my blog and then I get to shower them with humor and love and just a general, gotcha! I’m so easily entertained.

OK, so picture a bride and groom standing at the front of the church… stars in their eyes, hearts full of love, they cannot imagine life without each other. Hopes are high; emotions are at a fever pitch. Each person puts their whole faith and trust in the notion that the other will make them happy.

And then life happens.

Children are born and grow, bills come every month, family causes distraction, careers take their toll… life has a way of shooting super-strength blades of grass up through the toughest concrete. Nobody can stand up through it all.

That sparkling bride and groom are the concrete and the blades of grass have begun to break through. Our sidewalks are full of cracks and broken places and we need help and healing. Where can we look? We can look to the love of God.

We can’t expect someone in our life to fulfill all our needs. It’s not humanly possible. It may seem to be everything we need at one point in time, and that bubble may last years, but there comes a time when our broken places can only be filled up with the love of our Father God.

Seek after God and His perfect love, and then our cracks can begin to mend, our potholes can begin to be filled up again. Instead of focusing on our hurts, focus on His promise to heal them.

He is the answer-giver, He is the way-maker, and He knows what we need before we even ask (Matthew 6:8).

The love of God is there for the taking, I encourage you to go wrap up in it tonight.


8 Replies to “For the love of God”

  1. You are so wise. It took me at least 25 years of marriage before I learned (on my own) that my husband couldn’t meet all my needs, and he shouldn’t have to try. Some of my needs can only be met by a girlfriend. Some can only be met by God. Sometimes, I need to ask God which ones are which. That’s a wrap.


  2. Juli….You are SO RIGHT!! David and I have been married almost 46 years and it’s ONLY because
    of the mercy and love of our Heavenly Father !! We learned long ago that marriage needs a mediator and a counselor who is is JESUS CHRIST, the living Word and the Teacher Who is also the Holy Spirit! We have known you a long time, and may I say you are a great example of a young woman who is Godly and and fulfilling the Proverbs 31 woman’s calling Blessings and
    Happy Birthday!! Susan Cox {Grace’s School Nurse & Chad & Elaine’s mother}


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