Isn’t it amazing what sticks with us over the years? It’s not always the things you think it would be. I sat in a ladies meeting today at our convention and our speaker did the one thing I absolutely hate when preachers do… she made us turn into groups and share with each other about our lives. Ugh. But it’s always a good thing to do, even when it’s uncomfortable. We have to remind each other that we’re not alone with our issues.

Anyway, one of the things we discussed was imprints: Who left them on us, and who are we leaving them on?

My mind went on a little excursion on this one and I started making a list of the people who really imprinted my life, and how they imprinted my life, what exactly I took away from that relationship, and whether or not it’s still with me. I found the names on that list fascinating. They were not people I spent lots of time with, they were not people I was related to. They were incredibly brief moments in my life, but their impact was huge.

Who are we impacting with our daily lives? Who are we making an impression on? Who is out there emulating us, learning from us, making a lifetime memory from our words? It’s more than just our children.

These obscure folks who imprinted me will likely never know what they did, but I’d like to thank them right now; not just for what they taught me, but for the realization that I am teaching others, and that it’s really important that I get it right.


Now it’s your turn

I’m working on a project and I need some help from you. Let me preface this by saying that you cannot imagine how blessed I feel that you stop by and read what I have to say. You all are the greatest. And the knowledge that something I say resonates with you, or makes you feel better, or soothes your soul is utterly fulfilling to me.

That said, here’s where I need your help. I want to compile my best of the best blog entries and roll them up and put them in a bottle and launch it out into the ocean and see where it ends up. Not really. But I do want to pull together the very best of my writing, my most meaningful and uplifting posts, and be prepared for whatever opportunities wash up on my beach.

You may recall me doing this a year ago, (Obedience is a trip), and yes I did. And yes, I was prepared. And yes, nothing came of it at the time, reinforcing the painful yet necessary lesson that things never happen on my timetable. And I don’t know why, but I know that God knows what He’s doing with me, and my heart is submitted to His plan, even when it makes my brain hurt.

So I’m doing it again. However, this time I’d really love to know which blogs YOU think are my best. Is there one that sticks out in your mind? Is there one you continue to think about after you’ve read it and moved on with your day? Is there one that made you smile, laugh, or spit anything? That’s what I’m looking for.

I want to know your absolute favorites!

If you’ve never left me a comment, now’s your chance! Try out the comment field below this post. Or if you want a bit more privacy, you can email me at Hopefully, I didn’t just open the door to spammers from you-know-where.

So, thank you in advance! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Growing pains

Hebrews 12:6 painfully reminds us, who the Lord loves, He chastens. I just have one gripe with this: The trees don’t feel the sting of pruning, we do!

The laws of nature tell us, “If it’s not growing, cut it off.” Brutal, but applicable.

You see, God created us to grow… physically, emotionally, spiritually. And growing hurts. But the trees must be clipped and shaped in order to grow evenly and beautifully. You must cut off errant branches to encourage that wonderful symmetry. Rose bushes produce lovely and fragrant flowers, but taking the trouble to dead-head those roses will bring even more blooms.

If our backyards are worth this trouble, how much more are you and I worth the work?

We have to grow or our lives will stop producing fruit. Are you producing fruit? Even if you are going through a storm, do you have hope for the future?

The Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12), and the devil would like nothing more than to rob us of our hope. Don’t let him. That glimmer, however slight, is a lifeline to help us bridge the gap between our present and our future.

Don’t let go, don’t quit fighting, don’t give up. If you are being pruned, consider it the highest compliment. You are worth the work!