Do Mondays get you down?

Do Mondays get you down? Does the thought of a new week make you want to crawl back under the covers?

Do something easy on Mondays. Do something you don’t have to think about. Do something every Monday that makes you say, “Oh, thank God it’s Monday, and I only have to get through the work day and then I get to do this.” Don’t make them harder than they have to be.

I’m thinking every Monday we get to treat ourselves to a bucket of chicken or a pizza. Cooking should not be allowed on Mondays. Maybe working out should be off-limits too. Oh, oh, and laundry! Definitely no laundry on Mondays.

Wow, I’m liking Mondays more and more.

You know what, Mondays don’t have to be drudgery. They can be productive, fulfilling, even exciting. It may feel too big to manage, but it’s not. All it takes it a little planning. A little good stewardship of our time can make Mondays a whole new world.

We all have different needs so that stewardship can take lots of forms, but in general, I encourage you to dedicate each new day to the Lord and ask Him to give you His plan to make it peaceful and productive. Trade in chaos for contentment, trusting God to order each step and thanking Him for it.