Talk ain’t cheap

Talk ain't cheapWhen the devil is at your door and fear is breathing down your neck, you must be prepared to fight. When the devil comes at you with both barrels, you have to reach into the armory and pull out the biggest weapon you have, and that’s the Word of God in your mouth. The Word of God on the pages of your Bible will only get you so far, but the Word in your mouth will put you over the top.

And you have to do it when you don’t feel like it. You have to do it when you don’t want to, you have to do it even when you don’t believe it. In fact, that’s the most critical time to do it. And as you continue to say what the Word says, your attitude will begin to change, your heart will begin to change, and pretty soon, you will start to believe it. That’s when victory is right around the corner.

Say what the Word says; that’s the key.

Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it moves slower than molasses. Sometimes it happens so subtly, you don’t even realize it, but you wake up one day and say, “Wow, I’m not struggling with that issue any longer.” That’s how it seems to work with me a lot of the time.

People say that talk is cheap, but it’s most definitely not. It’s power, it’s medicine, it’s ammunition, it’s your way out.

God created the universe with His words. You are made like Him. What are you doing with your words?


Summer lovin’

Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast. Geez, did it ever. Summer is flying by! Yesterday was the longest day of the year; and now the days will gradually get shorter as we steam toward the 4th of July. Doesn’t it feel like we just got out of school?

I love summertime. I love lazy evenings on the deck… watching lightning bugs, listening to the locust and tree frogs, spitting watermelon seeds over my neighbor’s fence. Oh, just kidding. We don’t do that. (Only sometimes.) I love going for a walk after it cools off. I love watering the flower beds in the dark in my PJ’s and bare feet, feeling that lush, cool summer grass between my toes.

I love waking up early and the sun already shining brightly.

I do not love the searing heat of my leather seats on bare legs after the car has been sitting in the baking sun. I have lost a few layers of skin that way.

I love when the good, sweet corn shows up in the grocery store and the roadside stands. Pretty soon it will be time for dinners of corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes. Well, at least for me. My boys will likely add a steak.

It’s such a lovely season, and it passes too quickly every year. I pray each of you is enjoying every moment and making lots of happy memories.