Don’t look at the sky


I have a wall of windows right outside my office. I absolutely love watching the changing Oklahoma sky. I love seeing the birds and squirrels out there pecking around, although lately, they’ve been pecking on the windows, begging to come inside our cool office.

This very large array of windows affords me full disclosure on the state of the weather. If there’s a storm coming, I know it. If it’s windy, I know it. If it’s dry as a bone, I know that too.

Lately, as I have looked out those windows longingly, studying the sky, and praying for rain, it hit me… Don’t look at the sky. Look at the promise.

God said He would make it rain in my life, take care of my needs, (Philippians 4:19) give me a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Why do I continue to look at the sky? It’s so engrained in us to look in the natural realm for the things we need in our lives. But we serve the God of the supernatural, and our laws don’t apply to Him.

It was a gentle reminder to trust Him with my life and to trust Him to work things out in His own way and His own time. Trust His Word, not the circumstances.

Don’t look at the sky. Look at Him.


7 Replies to “Don’t look at the sky”

  1. This was SO GOOD. I know that I don’t really ever leave comments “but” I want you to know that I read EVERY BLOG that you post. I continue to think about them and ponder over them after reading them and see how they ALSO apply to “my life”. Thank you for taking the time to write and post these. YOU ARE A BLESSING and I thank God for YOU!


  2. I love it! Trusting Gods word vs. your circumstances 🙂
    Its like faith vs. fear. No matter what the circumstances are we must always trust God and never allow fear to rise up In us. The smell of fear to the devil is like an open invitation to a wounded animal with signs of weakness!?!? It’s an attractive attack for the devil to close in on you if your not aware. Romans 8:37-39 Nay, in all things, we are more than conquerors through him that loved us……


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