Draw the line


I talked to the sweetest lady today on the phone. The devil was beating up on her and she didn’t even know it. She had been given a car, a good car, and she really needed one. She had asked God to provide her with a good car and He did. Then this person who made it possible for her to get the car started trying to get something from her. She did not have anything to give him and began to feel that he was expecting something in return. Mind you, he helped her acquire the car with no strings attached… or so he said.

She was so upset by this, and so tormented, that she was trying to figure out if she should get rid of the car. She didn’t want to drive it, she was unable to enjoy it. She was being robbed.

Isn’t that just like the devil to try to steal the joy out of a situation that God provided for you? Isn’t it just like him to twist and turn the situation so badly that you’re tempted to get rid of the blessings of God?

It straight ticked me off.

I prayed for this woman… for peace, for wisdom, for strength, and most importantly, I rebuked the devil from tormenting her. As I prayed, I was reminded of the parable Jesus teaches in Luke 8. The sower sows his seed and immediately, the devil comes to steal it. That’s what the devil does. He steals. He’s a thief. And he’s also the bringer of condemnation. That’s what this woman was experiencing. The devil was lying to her, stealing from her, and condemning her.

Together, she and I drew the line.

If God tells you something, or gives you something, or promises you something, draw the line on the devil. Fight back with the Word of God. Put him in his place… under your feet.


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