My turn at the mic

I’m having so much fun doing the audio version of my mother-in-law, Jackie Mize’s book, Supernatural Childbirth. The book has meant so much to me over the years, and not just in the area of childbirth. The book is not singularly a baby book, it is a faith book, and it is powerful.

If you haven’t ever read it, you’ve got to. (You can order it here: It is a live-by-faith refresher course. It will light a fire under you that you don’t have to put up with the junk the devil throws at you. It will make you mad at the devil for being so dadgum persistent, and it will make you mad at yourself for letting him.

We have got to stand up to the devil. We have got to stand on God’s Word. We have got to stand up, get off our rears and fight.

Anyway, the reading will be on soon… I’ll keep you posted.

PS: is 2 today!