What’s love got to do with it?

Tonight is the final presidential debate of the 2012 election season. I am kind of excited about it, and kind of dreading it too. I hate that the debates are so antagonistic. I’m sure there’s a way to state your positions without engaging the other side into a petty back and forth. Where’s the love, people?

Politics, and differences of opinion in general can go too far; they can lead to anger and then on to lashing out. Passions can go awry and before we know it, we are angry at our friends and loved ones because they don’t see things the way we do.

Jesus loved, but that doesn’t mean He agreed with everything He heard. The laws of God were not hidden away at home in His Bible on the nightstand, but they were in His heart and in His mind. He didn’t have to research it or have a focus group, He knew the truth, without question.

We don’t have it quite so easy. Even Bible scholars have to go check things out in the Word of God from time to time. I’m no Bible scholar, but I know in my heart what pleases God and what doesn’t. And when it comes decision time, that’s where I have to find my answer.

I have a hard time with listening to political ads and pundits explaining their positions. It’s so easy for me to believe them, so many times my first reaction is, “Yeah, that sounds right.” But it’s my responsibility to understand it beyond just what sounds right. I need to weigh the opinions against what IS right.

We hear the question, “What would Jesus do?” But in reality, we should be asking, “What did He already do?” What Jesus would have done is moot, because He already did it all. When Jesus was faced with sickness, He healed them. When He faced opposition, he drew in the dirt or He moved on to the next town. When He faced the death of His friend, He wept. But through all of those things and in all situations, He obeyed God. He did what His Father told Him. He did what was right; He did the Truth. Yes, that’s Truth with a capital “T.”

Social and economic issues are much harder for me to navigate because I try to break it down to a question of right and wrong–Godly and ungodly. It’s tricky. I wonder if Jesus ever had to vote on something.

Whether or not He did, I know how He made His choice; He consulted the Father. That’s the only way He was able to navigate His life, and fulfill His destiny. We are no different.  We have to search our hearts, seek wisdom from God’s Word, consult the Teacher, and then do what’s right, with love.


5 Replies to “What’s love got to do with it?”

  1. Your blog is so timely–as usual. I had a conversation yesterday with my pastor. I was shocked and grieved to hear that he believes it’s not God’s will to heal everyone. He said some very unkind things to me, because I believe differently. Jesus went about doing good and healing ALL… Thank you, Juli, for staying true to God’s Word.


  2. Thank you for your blog on seeking what the Father would recommend…yes, voting is tough these days. However, I rest in knowing that regardless of who runs the show down here…God will do whatever He in His wisdom desires. As for the healing comment by Nurse Ora…I used to believe that the Lord didn’t heal anymore…I was quite wrong. It is God’s Will to heal everyone…we just dont see how He does it in His way. Pragmatic Pastors have their place…though it may not be as important as they think.


      1. Hi Juli,
        Yes, your Mother is my first cousin….My Dad was the youngest brother of your Mom’s Dad. You have grown to be a pleasant voice for the Lord.
        God Bless You,
        Skip Holcombe


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