Hoe your own row

Hoe your own rowLynn and Jaxon have been eating “Paleo,” or the caveman diet. I for one am tired of meat. What about the cavewoman who only wanted to eat pasta and vegetables? Meat is great, but I don’t need it every day. And I certainly don’t want it for every meal. Lynn used to think I was crazy when I had pasta with plain red sauce for dinner… no meat in the sauce. He basically called that a side dish. I think I could live on pasta.

If my ancestors were hunters and gatherers, I am definitely a gatherer. I can hunt if I need to, sure. Put a gun in my hands and a hungry family and I can take care of business. But given the choice, I think I would tend to the garden rather than the flocks.

But that’s why they call it, “Different strokes for different folks.” We like what we like. We can appreciate something else, we can see its value, but given the choice, we will probably go with what we like.

But the other is not wrong. And you are not right.

The Body of Christ, the Church, people of God, whatever you want to call it, we are a group of parts that work together as one. And we all have a different part to play. I love the analogy of a “body” because it makes sense to say that an eye cannot do the job of an elbow. And a foot cannot do the work of the mouth. Although mine too often end up in the same place…

We have to do what we do best and leave others to do what they do best. I cannot do your job and you cannot do mine. You cannot carry my load and I can’t carry yours.

We all have to hoe our own row.


2 Replies to “Hoe your own row”

  1. I’m glad everyone is different. Life would be boring otherwise! On another note…. I bet your A type blood. There is a book out called. Eat right for your blood type… and people of A blood type are designed to do better on a vegetarian diet. I’m O type which is a red meat eater…. Steak yummmm my favorite!!! I’m hoeing my own row… hee-hee


  2. Hoe your own row, or stay in your own lane, not easy to do when you think your way is the right way( that’s me)…oh and I love red sauce with no meat, penne, angel hair, spaghetti, fettaccine, no meat…but ummm..with lots of chesse..and some mushrooms, see I can eat my veggies too


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