Idiots abound

ChillWhere idiots abound, grace doth much more abound. Oh wait, that’s not quite the scripture, is it? Well, idiots do abound, that’s the truth. But another truth is that we are all idiots from time to time. Some more than others.

I willingly confess to being an idiot on occasion. But what might appear as idiocy, might actually be blamed on many other things. The truth is, we don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives. We don’t know what crisis they are facing or what terrible loss they are feeling. How often do we think about what the idiot is dealing with?

Yesterday I was stopped at a red light and there was a brand new, beautiful white Suburban in front of me. Suddenly the driver’s door opened and a well dressed man stepped out and headed toward the back. I could tell he was trying to shut the back door which perhaps was being blocked by his multitude of grocery bags. The light turned green and he was still fiddling with the automatic door which stubbornly refused to shut manually. He gave me a quick “I’m sorry” wave and finally managed to hit the button and the door slowly closed. By this time, several cars had honked, swerved, gestured, and Lord knows what else, and I just sat there thinking, “Poor guy, he must feel like an idiot.”

But was he? No. He was just a guy dealing with a new-fangled door. For all I know he was in the middle of some saintly act like taking those groceries to a homeless shelter. He may have been bringing them home to his wife who had been wrangling 14 children all day. Who knows?

We don’t know. And those people who huffed and puffed at him… well, I think they might be the idiots.

Have a little mercy today. I’m quite sure we have all received plenty of it from our Father God who loves all of us idiots.


4 Replies to “Idiots abound”

  1. Juli, I wrote a profound reply…okay, a reply. But this time, it wouldn’t allow me to post a comment without signing in to Word Press. Perhaps I’ve forgotten my password, or have a new email address, anyway, I also couldn’t get into Word Press either. Thought you’d want to know. Love you,



  2. Remove the other 300 hundred words and all you’re left with is ‘Scripture, I willingly confess, that’s the truth, Lord knows, some saintly act, Have a little mercy today. plenty of it, Father God who loves all of us idiots.Father God, Mercy.” The idiots prayer. I’m an Atheist yet I can see that clearly.


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