RunI’m posting today from my iPad so I have no idea how this is going to turn out… Guess we’ll find out together.

Aren’t these the greatest running shoes? Yes, I realize they are a little bright but hey, why not have cute feet while you are trampling on serpents and scorpions? That’s exactly what we’re supposed to do though. Trample on them. Squish them. Kill them. Luke 10:19 tells us that.

So why does it seem that they are trampling on us? Why do we keep getting bitten and stung? Because of the devil; the father of lies. That’s what he does.

The Bible tells us he prowls around seeking who he may devour. He is the devourer, and we are his favorite food. Why? Because we are the most dangerous thing in his world.

I heard a minister who I respect and admire tremendously say today, “The devil only attacks what he fears.” Wow, is that ever the truth. That’s why he goes after marriages, ministers, men and women of God, people that pose a threat to him.

My friends, that’s us. We are enemy number one. The devil hates us when we stand up for righteousness. He hates it when we speak out against sin. He hates Godly marriages. He hates seeing Godly children being raised.

You can bet if what you’re doing glorifies God, the devil hates it.

But don’t let that stop you. Put on those insanely bright shoes and run to Him. Run to the One who makes you more than a conqueror. Run to the One who provides more than enough. Run to the One beneath whose wings you can find safety and security.

Run to The Lord. Put on your shoes and run.


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  1. It came through great! I read it from my ph and sending this back off my ph. I hope it comes through good too! Loved your message…. Anything that reminds us we can trample on Satan is awesome in my book! Keep the good news coming Girl!!!! 🙂


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