The world is my prayer closet

Keep calm and prayWe have some wonderful ministry friends, Pastor Jim and Ireta Willoughby, who I adore. They are a great family, and they are real people, my favorite kind of people. Ireta was a guest on Lindsay’s program (Make Your Day Count) a few days ago and she said something that stopped me cold. She said, “God doesn’t want you to carbon copy somebody else’s prayer; He wants to hear from your heart.”

Sometimes when I hear ministers give wordy and highfalutin prayers, I admit I get kind of irritated… maybe because somewhere inside me I feel a little less qualified. But in my heart, I know that God doesn’t care how fancy the words are, He just wants to hear from me. I also feel funny when I hear people talk about their prayer closets. I don’t have a prayer closet. I really can’t pinpoint a place where I do my praying. I guess the world is my prayer closet.

I pray in the car, I pray in the shower, I pray at work, I pray while I’m doing dishes. I pray when I need to, I pray when I want to. I just pray. And I think that’s the key. God wants to hear from us, anytime and all the time.

He wants to hear from us when we are in trouble or triumph, when the day is awesome and when it’s not. I know that I don’t like it when people only reach out to me when they need something. I imagine God doesn’t appreciate it either.

My friend Ireta reminded me that my Heavenly Father is my friend. He is tuned into my heart. He speaks my language. And He speaks yours too.