It’s better for you

It's better for youIf you’ve never seen Anjelah Johnson’s “Beautiful Nail” bit, then this won’t be nearly as effective. So you better watch it here: Nail Salon. Lynn and I have adopted lots of this into our daily dialogue. We are weird like that.

The other day we were talking about stuff in the natural that are not sin, they won’t keep you out of Heaven, they won’t make God mad at you, because nothing can do that, but they’re just not good for you. To stay away from those things is just, It’s better for you. It’s not a sin, but not doing it is better for you.

Smoking cigarettes… not sin but not healthy.

Abusing drugs or alcohol… not sin but not healthy.

Overeating… not sin but not healthy.

Not taking care of your body… not sin but not healthy.

I’m sure there are lots more examples, but those were the things we were talking about. Take spending time with God and in His Word. If we don’t take that time and consistently renew our minds (Romans 12:2), our lives suffer. We are still saved, we are still going to Heaven, but the victorious life we want to live will stay beyond our grasp.

I don’t want to live a non-victorious life. I don’t want to live outside the fence of the Promised Land. Now I know that storms come, they definitely have come to my life. But as I have said in this blog from the very beginning, God is faithful and His tender mercies are new every morning… in my life and in yours.

I’m endeavoring to live that victorious life. I’m choosing to do what’s better for me. I pray that you, my sweet friends and readers, are doing the same.

God bless!


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