Kleenex and Nobel Prizes

photo(41)I have a running list of people I want to thank for their extraordinary kindness to me personally during the days surrounding Jackie’s funeral. People all over the world sent condolences to the family and to Terry. People sent flowers and food. People are so amazing and wonderful, but the ones who keyed into me specifically touched my heart in a way I honestly can’t describe. Words are inadequate.

I was sitting on Terry and Jackie’s dining room floor and we were talking about the order of service for Jackie. My brain was very close to critical overload and I felt tears welling up. Valaree was watching me and she touched my arm and asked me if I needed some water. She laughed at me later when I told her how much it meant to me. But that kindness and sensitivity was so what I needed at the exact moment I needed it. I was able to take a breath, regroup, and focus on getting our job done.

Liz Williams touched my arm and brought me water at the visitation.

I guess I looked really thirsty this last week.

Johnathan stayed by my side faithfully in case I melted down or fell over.

Lynn went down to Utica Square to pick up shoes for me because they didn’t have my size at the mall.

Jennifer applied apocalypse-level waterproof makeup on me… twice.

Jaxon’s teachers and coaches were beyond kind and understanding.

Text messages beeped in all day and night with love and prayer and support.

God used His people to minister to me when I was hurting. And God used His people to lift me up so I could help lift up the Mize family.

God uses people. I’ve talked about this before; God uses people because we’re all He’s got. (You’re the best God’s got) We are His ambassadors, we are His Christians, His Christ-like ones.

The person who brought me a bottle of water and a handful of Kleenex may not deserve the Nobel Prize, but a group of people from all over the world who supported a family in need, that group, they deserve jewels in their crowns.

I’m very grateful for the outpouring of love I have received through these days. And I have a renewed sense of responsibility to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in how to help people when they are hurting. Jackie would be very proud of that.


One Reply to “Kleenex and Nobel Prizes”

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. Our testimonies overlap. Jackie has touched many lives and she inspired much faith into us. She thought us that faith is a progress and even trial and error. She inspired hope and made miracles make sense! We were glad to promote the miracle of Supernatural Childbirth through her book on our YouTube ministry because Jackie helped us learn how to believe. Excelsior!


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