Dear God, make me a bird

Mad? Read this.

Juli Mize

My sisters-in-law and I love the Jenny line from Forrest Gump, Dear God, make me a bird… so I could fly far… far, far away from here. I can’t tell you how often that sentiment floats through my head. Almost daily.

Jenny really had it right though when it comes to dealing with thoughts. Some of them need to get the heck outta here. Thoughts can be dangerous, thoughts can be dicey, thoughts are where actions start; good or bad.

The devil tries to capitalize on our thoughts, that’s where we can either win or lose the battle on sin. You see, the devil brings thoughts to our minds and they just sound like us. He doesn’t announce himself and say, “Hi, this is the devil, I’m going to tempt you now.” No, it comes as a simple thought, and it comes in our own voice.

The Bible says in…

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