Don’t handcuff God

HandcuffsIt drives me nuts when people say, “God is in control.” News flash… He’s not in control unless we put Him in control. If God were really in control, He’s not doing a very good job. Sacrilege! Crucify her!

No, seriously, we are the ones that are not doing a good job. We are the ones that don’t have our crap together. We are the ones who miss it and screw things up and get ourselves in trouble.

God can only do what we let Him do; He can only take over where we invite Him in. The Bible says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Do you see that there’s a qualifier in that scripture? He directs our paths if we acknowledge Him in all our ways. It doesn’t mean we only communicate with God on Sundays. It doesn’t mean we only seek God when we’re in trouble. It means ALL OUR WAYS. It means we must make God a part of our everyday life. It means we must seek Him in good times and bad. It means we must allow Him into all our situations. It means we must listen to His voice. And sometimes that means close our own mouth and ask Him to do the talking. That’s called having a teachable heart. And that’s the best kind of heart you can have.

An unteachable heart handcuffs God. The God of the universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth can be handcuffed by His people. Don’t handcuff God. Invite Him in. Call on His Name. Stand on His Word. Relinquish control. Unlock the handcuffs and let God come in and transform your life. You are His beloved child. Let Him be your Father.


3 Replies to “Don’t handcuff God”

  1. Amazing! You have put into words that thoughts I have been having so much lately. Thank you for sharing this truth! And thank Sharalee for sharing it on FB so that I and so many others saw it.


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