About Me

juliHow can I tell “About Me” somewhere between book-length and tweet-length? Gosh, I don’t know. I’m a lot of things. But mostly and most importantly for the purpose of this blog, I’m just a Christian trying her best to follow God’s plan for her life and share what she’s learning along the way.

I love God, I love my family, and I love writing. I do it for a living and for fun, and for stress-relief, and for comic-relief!

Here’s what I look like, or at least that’s what I looked like about 10 haircuts ago. I like mixing it up.

If you want to email me directly, go for it: julimize@me.com.

Thanks for reading!


5 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi Juli,
    I have missed your blogs as of late (been recovering from major knee surgery.) I migrated from Facebook to Google+ and really enjoy the absence of junk and drama. However, I really miss your blogs and posts and have been trying to catch up.
    Hope you have a blessed Christmas and the New Year brings friends to your fireside, peace to your pathways and good health throughout the New Year. Your blog is a great bleasing and inspiration


  2. Juli

    I guess you are Jackie Mize daughter
    I am extremely blessed by her book and testimony I was actually trying to get in touch with her . I guess your blog says she passed away


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