Change is not a dirty word

It’s easy to write a blog when you’re mad. It’s easy to write a blog when you’re struggling through a storm. It’s harder to write when you are at peace. But at peace, I am. Not that this is an uncommon thing with me, I have peace much of the time. But I did start this blog in a time of growth and change in my life and things were a bit “up in the air.”

Now I’m getting comfortable with my new work environment and schedule. I am getting used to some new dynamics in my family life. I have embraced change is what I’ve done. Not that I really wanted all the changes I got, nor did things work out exactly as I’d hoped, but nonetheless, things have worked out and I have embraced it.

In my situation, I downsized myself after a decade of full-time salaried work for Terry Mize Ministries in an Executive Secretary capacity, to a part-time staff writing position for the Oral Roberts Ministries Editorial Department, giving me more free time for my own personal writing and my own personal child. I also have more freedom to work with Lynn as his ministry is emerging and growing and travel with him as necessary. I’ve tried to create for myself a work situation that is flexible, fun, and puts my particular strengths to use, and rescues me from areas where I most definitely do not excel, i.e., organization.

Change is inevitable, it’s going to happen. It may take a long time for it to happen, but it’s going to happen. Just ask my 38-year-old crow’s-feet. And it doesn’t have to be scary. I was watching “The Wedding Planner” yesterday and do you remember the part where Matthew McConaughey is on the golf course and he’s telling his friend about his feelings after meeting Jennifer Lopez? He asks, “What if what I think is great really is great, but not as great as something greater?”

You see, God is so big, and He sees so much bigger than we ever could. He can see such a beautiful future for all of us, but I think we can get in our own way. I think we can scrutinize the present so much, that we impede the future.

God can show you that there just might be something that’s even better for you, than what you already had. And maybe it’s not that the first thing wasn’t right for you, but it may just be time to move on with what’s next.

I’m so thankful that I am surrounded by a loving and gracious family who is in support of my changes and my growth and my work, and even puts up with my goofy blogs that sometimes tap dance right on the edge of being inappropriate. You know, ministry families are just families. They are made up of flesh and blood human beings, full of flaws and imperfections. (Some of us, downright screwed up.) Growing up around ministry, and then marrying into it, I wouldn’t know what it was like to be in a “regular family.” This is all I have ever known. But I can certainly vouch for our humanness. We love each other, we get mad at each other, we want to kill each other occasionally, but we are a family. And we can roll with the punches.

I am grateful for friends who have stood in my corner and encouraged me and told me I have something valuable to say, and a unique voice to say it in. I am aware that I am truly blessed.

I’ve rambled around a bit on this post, but let me get back to the subject of change. Just as I have been sitting here writing this, it has begun to snow. And what a beautiful change it is. Yes, the roads will get bad, and yes people will mob the grocery stores, and yes it may disrupt the city’s flow for a day or two, but isn’t it beautiful? I think the changing of seasons is glorious. It reminds me that God likes to mix things up too. Summer is wonderful and I love it, but the first thick beautiful snow of winter makes my heart sing and my soup pot beg to be filled.

There is no ending this, so I’m going to go make stew and smile at the windows. I hope whatever you’re doing, you embrace all the possibilities of your future and enjoy the beauties of today.


What happened?

This is my son. To quote a really famous guy, this is my son in whom I am well pleased. However, I’d like to know what happened here. How did I create this little bloodthirsty human?

I played with Barbies and Easy-Bake ovens, and Hollie Hobbie. I watched Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner. He plays with rifles . . . real ones.

When I hurt myself, I scraped up my knee after falling off my bike with the little streamers coming off the handlebars. When he hurts himself, there are thorns involved.

When I had to go to the bathroom during long car trips, we found a gas station. When he has to go, he looks for an empty water bottle.

The only thing I ever killed was a bug. The things he kills have something called a gut sack. (I have pictures, but I will spare you.) Oh, little boys. They are awesome.

My husband Lynn and his Dad took this brood hunting in South Texas. It is the highlight of their year. I’m so glad they get to do it. It builds relationships between the cousins and their Papa and it is a beautiful thing.

It is also a beautiful thing that while they were shooting things and wrestling with cacti, I was here.

Building relationships with these beauties.

So I guess it all worked out just perfectly.

God and the swimsuit

Jaxon’s school has a little swimming program and the fourth grade boys get to swim every Tuesday. It has posed a challenge for me to always remember to send his swimsuit and towel each Tuesday. Even when I put it at the top of the stairs where I actually have to step over it in order to make it down to the coffee maker.

Well, this particular Tuesday, I forgot the swimsuit and the moment I sent Jax out the door to school and headed upstairs to get ready for work, I remembered. At that precise moment, my phone rang and it was Lynn. They were halfway to school, and Jaxon had just said, “Swim day!” So then Lynn fixed everything, he saved the day. He calmed the storm and solved the problem. I heard Lynn tell him, “Mom will bring it to you.”

Jaxon’s response? “OK, cool.”

Simple acceptance. Blind faith. Total trust that Mom would bring the swimsuit to school. Never a doubt, never a question. Never a maybe she will get busy and forget, or a maybe it’s silly of me to ask her to do that, maybe she has bigger issues than my swimsuit. No need to ask her again and again, just total faith that I would do what I said I would do.

That is how we should approach God. He knows what we need, and He knows what we want. He knows the desires of our heart, the Bible says. He also cares about all our little issues. Why can’t we trust God that He will do what His Word says He’ll do? Why do we get so bogged down in the problem that we forget to thank God for the answer? Do we really think that Mom will honor her word more than God will honor His? Does Mom’s word hold more weight with us than God’s?

My friends, it seems like we may have some adjustments to make.

Jaxon said what?

So we are driving home from school today and I had this bottle of water in my cup holder.

I am always thirsty on the way home from school, I guess it could be due to the very salty, unhealthy lunch I had a few hours before. But today in particular, when I reached down for my water, my very observant and highly intelligent nine-year old said, “Mom, don’t drink that! It was warm today and that water has been sitting there for hours and germs breed in a warm environment!”

I put the bottle down and asked him to elaborate.

That was my mistake.

“You see all those little bubbles in there?” He said.


“That’s because all the germs have been farting.”

I ain’t lion

Jaxon painted this in art class. I ain’t lion. I think it’s totally brilliant. He said it was supposed to be a lion, but I think it looks kinda like a baboon. Or maybe a mask of a lion, like the kind the guys in the Lion King musical run around in. I don’t know, but I think it’s cool.

There is no point to this post. I just wanted to share the artistic brilliance of my son. Thank you. I have to go to church now.

Happy Friday night to you all.