Red hot prayer avails much

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16). Translation, please? Red hot prayer works. Well, what is it? I can tell you what it’s not. It’s not fluffy… it’s not done “in passing.” It’s not an, “I’m just going to throw this out there and see what happens” prayer. Red hot prayer gets things done.

Red hot prayer doesn’t quit. It’s like the Energizer bunny… it just keeps going and going. It goes until it gets the job done.

Red hot prayer is full of the Word of God. It reminds God of His promises. Not like He forgets, but He wants us to know them and stand on them.

Red hot prayer is not desperately pleading with God. It is a prayer full of faith. It is a confident prayer, knowing that God is always faithful to His children.

If you’re finding yourself in a jam today, try a little red hot prayer.


My turn at the mic

I’m having so much fun doing the audio version of my mother-in-law, Jackie Mize’s book, Supernatural Childbirth. The book has meant so much to me over the years, and not just in the area of childbirth. The book is not singularly a baby book, it is a faith book, and it is powerful.

If you haven’t ever read it, you’ve got to. (You can order it here: It is a live-by-faith refresher course. It will light a fire under you that you don’t have to put up with the junk the devil throws at you. It will make you mad at the devil for being so dadgum persistent, and it will make you mad at yourself for letting him.

We have got to stand up to the devil. We have got to stand on God’s Word. We have got to stand up, get off our rears and fight.

Anyway, the reading will be on soon… I’ll keep you posted.

PS: is 2 today!

Draw the line


I talked to the sweetest lady today on the phone. The devil was beating up on her and she didn’t even know it. She had been given a car, a good car, and she really needed one. She had asked God to provide her with a good car and He did. Then this person who made it possible for her to get the car started trying to get something from her. She did not have anything to give him and began to feel that he was expecting something in return. Mind you, he helped her acquire the car with no strings attached… or so he said.

She was so upset by this, and so tormented, that she was trying to figure out if she should get rid of the car. She didn’t want to drive it, she was unable to enjoy it. She was being robbed.

Isn’t that just like the devil to try to steal the joy out of a situation that God provided for you? Isn’t it just like him to twist and turn the situation so badly that you’re tempted to get rid of the blessings of God?

It straight ticked me off.

I prayed for this woman… for peace, for wisdom, for strength, and most importantly, I rebuked the devil from tormenting her. As I prayed, I was reminded of the parable Jesus teaches in Luke 8. The sower sows his seed and immediately, the devil comes to steal it. That’s what the devil does. He steals. He’s a thief. And he’s also the bringer of condemnation. That’s what this woman was experiencing. The devil was lying to her, stealing from her, and condemning her.

Together, she and I drew the line.

If God tells you something, or gives you something, or promises you something, draw the line on the devil. Fight back with the Word of God. Put him in his place… under your feet.

Don’t look at the sky


I have a wall of windows right outside my office. I absolutely love watching the changing Oklahoma sky. I love seeing the birds and squirrels out there pecking around, although lately, they’ve been pecking on the windows, begging to come inside our cool office.

This very large array of windows affords me full disclosure on the state of the weather. If there’s a storm coming, I know it. If it’s windy, I know it. If it’s dry as a bone, I know that too.

Lately, as I have looked out those windows longingly, studying the sky, and praying for rain, it hit me… Don’t look at the sky. Look at the promise.

God said He would make it rain in my life, take care of my needs, (Philippians 4:19) give me a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Why do I continue to look at the sky? It’s so engrained in us to look in the natural realm for the things we need in our lives. But we serve the God of the supernatural, and our laws don’t apply to Him.

It was a gentle reminder to trust Him with my life and to trust Him to work things out in His own way and His own time. Trust His Word, not the circumstances.

Don’t look at the sky. Look at Him.

A soldier and a savior

It’s Memorial Day, and I live in a country where people have fought and died for my freedom. I also live in a realm where someone died for my salvation.

For me to live free on this planet, a soldier died. For me to live for eternity, a savior died. My entire existence, physical and spiritual, is based on who died before me. What a humbling realization.

Thank you, veterans, for your service. Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice. I am so grateful.

Do Mondays get you down?

Do Mondays get you down? Does the thought of a new week make you want to crawl back under the covers?

Do something easy on Mondays. Do something you don’t have to think about. Do something every Monday that makes you say, “Oh, thank God it’s Monday, and I only have to get through the work day and then I get to do this.” Don’t make them harder than they have to be.

I’m thinking every Monday we get to treat ourselves to a bucket of chicken or a pizza. Cooking should not be allowed on Mondays. Maybe working out should be off-limits too. Oh, oh, and laundry! Definitely no laundry on Mondays.

Wow, I’m liking Mondays more and more.

You know what, Mondays don’t have to be drudgery. They can be productive, fulfilling, even exciting. It may feel too big to manage, but it’s not. All it takes it a little planning. A little good stewardship of our time can make Mondays a whole new world.

We all have different needs so that stewardship can take lots of forms, but in general, I encourage you to dedicate each new day to the Lord and ask Him to give you His plan to make it peaceful and productive. Trade in chaos for contentment, trusting God to order each step and thanking Him for it.

God saw it coming

Before the Titanic sank, God saw it coming. Before the Twin Towers fell, God saw it coming.

No matter what difficult thing happens in our lives, God saw it coming, and His plan to bring beauty out of our ashes was already in place (Isaiah 61:3).

No matter how hopeless we may feel during the storms of life that we all face, God saw it coming. The Bible tells us that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all (Psalm 34:19).

Trust Him with your heart, trust Him with your future, trust Him with your life. He is God, He cannot fail.

Don’t spend your time worrying, spend your time thanking God that His thoughts for you are good, not evil, and because there is a future and a hope on your horizon¬†(Jeremiah 29:11).

Whatever the storm may be, take heart, God saw it coming.


Isn’t it amazing what sticks with us over the years? It’s not always the things you think it would be. I sat in a ladies meeting today at our convention and our speaker did the one thing I absolutely hate when preachers do… she made us turn into groups and share with each other about our lives. Ugh. But it’s always a good thing to do, even when it’s uncomfortable. We have to remind each other that we’re not alone with our issues.

Anyway, one of the things we discussed was imprints: Who left them on us, and who are we leaving them on?

My mind went on a little excursion on this one and I started making a list of the people who really imprinted my life, and how they imprinted my life, what exactly I took away from that relationship, and whether or not it’s still with me. I found the names on that list fascinating. They were not people I spent lots of time with, they were not people I was related to. They were incredibly brief moments in my life, but their impact was huge.

Who are we impacting with our daily lives? Who are we making an impression on? Who is out there emulating us, learning from us, making a lifetime memory from our words? It’s more than just our children.

These obscure folks who imprinted me will likely never know what they did, but I’d like to thank them right now; not just for what they taught me, but for the realization that I am teaching others, and that it’s really important that I get it right.

Growing pains

Hebrews 12:6 painfully reminds us, who the Lord loves, He chastens.¬†I just have one gripe with this: The trees don’t feel the sting of pruning, we do!

The laws of nature tell us, “If it’s not growing, cut it off.” Brutal, but applicable.

You see, God created us to grow… physically, emotionally, spiritually. And growing hurts. But the trees must be clipped and shaped in order to grow evenly and beautifully. You must cut off errant branches to encourage that wonderful symmetry. Rose bushes produce lovely and fragrant flowers, but taking the trouble to dead-head those roses will bring even more blooms.

If our backyards are worth this trouble, how much more are you and I worth the work?

We have to grow or our lives will stop producing fruit. Are you producing fruit? Even if you are going through a storm, do you have hope for the future?

The Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12), and the devil would like nothing more than to rob us of our hope. Don’t let him. That glimmer, however slight, is a lifeline to help us bridge the gap between our present and our future.

Don’t let go, don’t quit fighting, don’t give up. If you are being pruned, consider it the highest compliment. You are worth the work!

Sunny days make me feel fine

The warm sun on my shoulders, the feel of new grass beneath my feet… spring is here and boy is it wonderful. Spring always comes after winter, it’s a natural law, and it’s a biblical law. There will always be seed-time and harvest, heat and cold, summer and winter (Genesis 8:22). It’s always been that way and it will stay that way as long as the Earth remains. Isn’t it a comfort that something in our lives won’t change? It sure seems like everything else does.

But change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t have to shake up your world. It doesn’t have to leave you feeling defeated. Change can be felt, realized, embraced, and learned from. Never am I more keenly aware of God’s hand on me than when I look back at how situations have changed and how things work out for the best in ways I never could have imagined. I’m so grateful that He promises to never leave me nor forsake me, even though at the time of crisis, it’s all I can do to remember He’s there.

But He is there. Always. I think it takes a whole lot more than we think for us to be truly alone. God is not looking for ways to punish us for our faults and failures. He’s looking for ways to bless us and help us. And just because we may find ourselves in a giant mess doesn’t mean He’s not right there.

Whatever it is that you’re going through, hang in there, because things will change. They always do. And God will be with you no matter what.