Growing pains

Hebrews 12:6 painfully reminds us, who the Lord loves, He chastens. I just have one gripe with this: The trees don’t feel the sting of pruning, we do!

The laws of nature tell us, “If it’s not growing, cut it off.” Brutal, but applicable.

You see, God created us to grow… physically, emotionally, spiritually. And growing hurts. But the trees must be clipped and shaped in order to grow evenly and beautifully. You must cut off errant branches to encourage that wonderful symmetry. Rose bushes produce lovely and fragrant flowers, but taking the trouble to dead-head those roses will bring even more blooms.

If our backyards are worth this trouble, how much more are you and I worth the work?

We have to grow or our lives will stop producing fruit. Are you producing fruit? Even if you are going through a storm, do you have hope for the future?

The Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12), and the devil would like nothing more than to rob us of our hope. Don’t let him. That glimmer, however slight, is a lifeline to help us bridge the gap between our present and our future.

Don’t let go, don’t quit fighting, don’t give up. If you are being pruned, consider it the highest compliment. You are worth the work!